Langer’s Deli – Westlake, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Langer’s…what the hell is nippy cheese? Apparently it is a sharp tasting cheese, but seriously, there needs to be some sort of nomenclature update.  But everything else is fine the way it is. Although some may argue that the prices have become somewhat exorbitantly high, it is what it is.  But then again, it seems to keep the crowds down. Such are the economics of  demand based pricing.

Langer’s pastrami seems to always be compared to Katz’s in NYC as to which is better.  Food critics usually put Langer’s on top. There is no arguing that their pastrami is a marvel of human ingenuity, and goes by the adage, if it ain’t broke why fix it.  Pastrami you would get at any other place tends to be a bit of a salty chewfest, but here it falls apart.  The rye bread that you can opt for as the carrier has a nice chewy crust, but is as supple as a mother’s bosom on the inside.  On this occasion I opted for the #44 which has sauerkraut and nippy cheese – variation on the Reuben.DSC_0005

The most popular version is the one with coleslaw in it, but that seemed a bit too healthy for me.  I decided to pile on the decadence with an order of Pastrami  Chili Fries instead. If you are going down, you might as well go down in a burst of glory.DSC_0001

A warm Apple Pie with some ice cream completed our dining adventure, but I was too gluttonous to take a photo.  Service is extremely efficient and your food arrives before you know it. They also have curbside service in case you want to take things to-go or if our employer only allows 30 min lunch breaks.  Langer’s closes around 4 pm and not open at all on Sundays.  That’s sort of a good thing s you probably don’t want to be in the neighborhood at night.

Bill total = 2 beverages, 1 side, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, tax, tip = $70 ($35 per person)


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