Purebread – Whistler, BC

You can gauge how good a bakery is by the armfuls of product customers carry out with them.  I am not talking about just a few items – literally boxes and multiple bags. Purebread is one such bakery where I had to restrain myself from purchasing a diabetic coma’s worth of baked goods. Any place that makes you contemplate death by pastry has something seriously going for it.

The first item that I had, was appropriately named the Crack Bar. I don’t know what was in it, and it is highly addictive like its namesake. Luckily I didn’t have to smoke this one through a glass pipe.DSC_0830

Lavender Earl Grey Scone was moist and is one of their more popular items. DSC_0832

The Salted Caramel Bar was almost equally as addicting as their Crack Bar.DSC_0831

And of course, to have a balanced meal, you need some fruit in your diet, so it might as well be the Apple Crumble Bar.DSC_0829

Cheating, you say? Then go for more fiber with a slice of their Apple Pie.DSC_0826

You can get your daily allotment of Vitamin C via the Lemon Bar.DSC_0827

And if you need even more fiber in your diet, I would opt for their Coconut Macaroon.DSC_0833

As you can see not only is Purebread a great place to get your baked goods, it also provides all the essential nutrition for a balanced meal. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

As of this blog post, Purebread has had to move its location in Whistler, but a quick trip to their website will provide updates.

Bil total = 7 pastries, 1 beverages, tax, tip = $26 CAD

Website: www.purebread.ca

Purebread on Urbanspoon

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