Forage – Vancouver, BC

Forage’s recipe for success should be no secret.  Fresh, locally sourced ingredients speak monuments to the quality of a meal.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, this has become the exception rather than the standard.  We were fortunate to be able to head out to Forage for a weekday breakfast during our Vancouver Food Tour.  Most restaurants of this caliber hardly open for lunch, let alone breakfast.

Their breakfast menu is simplified and has all the requisite items that one would look for when eating breakfast. But the quality and execution of its dishes establishes above the rest. Take for example, the Double-fried Pork Cutlet Sandwich.  Although it may sound heavy, it is incredibly light.  Super crisp pork cutlet is paired with gouda and a deliciously moist fried egg.  The “thousand island” sauce is too good for something like a salad and compliments the sandwich well. The outside of the bread is nice and crisp while retaining some softness. This is as good as a pork cutlet sandwich can get.DSC_0664

Although use of the word “skillet” is avoided, the Eggs, Crispy Potatoes, and Sausage is essentially that.  The use of sweet potatoes alongside regular potatoes make this a treat that you would want to steer away from any use of ketchup.  DSC_0665

The basic eggs benedict, referred to as the Classic Benny, is flawless.DSC_0661

But the real talent lies in bringing something so mundane as Fruit Parfait with Scone to an elevated level.  Fresh baked scones were so moist and delicious .  The yogurt that comprised the parfait seemed to come from the milk of some sacred cow as it was creamier and richer than any yogurt we were accustomed to.DSC_0663

Most of the people who will patronize Forage, will likely come for dinner.  But breakfast is a great equalizer in standardizing comparisons restaurant to restaurant and it is very clear the Forage sets itself above the rest.


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