Waffle Window – Portland, OR

Some places are a literal representation of their name.  Take for example, the Waffle Window.  It is a window that you order their waffle creations from. Being a spinoff and sharing space from Bread and Ink Cafe, at least there is a place to sit down and enjoy your order.


There are both sweet and savory waffles that you can select from. The Spicy Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno immediately caught my eye. In addition to its namesake ingredients, it is topped with an avocado-tomatillo salsa.IMG_0099

The waffles were perfectly crispy, dense and chewy at the same time.  There is something very Pavlovian about hearing the crisp crunch of the waffle as you cut into it with your fork. Very satisfying.  Apparently part of their secret resides in the fact that they use a waffle dough rather than a batter.  It is based upon the Belgian Liege Waffle which is a modified form of brioche.  The flavor of the waffles goes well with the bacon whcih had a great peppery, smoky, chewiness to it.  The quality of ingredients are very apparent in the food.

The Farm Fusion is a vegetarian option for their savory waffle. It is topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, spinach and marinated chevre cheese. Although the ingredients were fresh it seemed a bit thrown together and lacked a cohesiveness in flavor.  Maybe some type of sauce would have brought some unity.IMG_0100

For the sweet side, we decided to opt for their seasonal special, the Spring Fling. Composed of coconut panna cotta, strawberries, rhubarb sauce and coconut flakes.  The rhubarb sauce really complements the strawberries.  The panna cotta adds an additional layer of creaminess that cuts through the tartness of the fruit.IMG_0101

There are many other waffles to choose from that are both savory and sweet.  Unfortunately we were only able to visit them once during our trip to Portland.  I just wished that our hotel was closer so we could go every day.  Prices are incredibly low for what you get.

Bill total = 3 waffles, tax, tip = about $18 ($9 per person)

Website: wafflewindow.com

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