Basik – Kona, Big Island, HI

When I initially think of breakfast in Hawaii only two things come to mind – chopped up tropical fruit and SPAM with rice and eggs.  Extreme ends of the spectrum if you ask me.  So when I heard about Basik, I thought it would be another place that serves up chopped fruit. Its location is pretty obscure.  It goes beyond the whole shack theme.  It is a small space above a shack that houses Snorkel Bob’s.

But when I ordered my first bowl, it went far beyond simple chopped fruit.  It was very apparent that a lot of thought was put into which flavors meld well with one another.  All of their bowls come with their acai blend, which is something akin to a sorbet, and then topped with different fruit-nut combinations.  I enjoyed the bowls so much that I ended up coming here and getting a fruit bowl every morning and got to try every single one of them. Fresh organic ingredients and absence of dairy products make for a light and healthy start to your day.

All of their bowls are pretty good, but I will rank them in order of my personal favorites. All photos were taken from the Basik website.

Kilauea Bowl – Tart strawberries and the mellow sweetness of the papaya go well together. Dried goji berries add another layer of tartness.  House-made hemp milk adds some creaminess to the flavors.  Granola and bee pollen add a bit of textural contrast and crunch.  [As a precaution, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and infants should not consume bee pollen (nor any bee products), as it has numerous amounts of bacteria and fungus. In a normal adult or child, this poses no risk. You can always ask for them to leave it off if you desire.]Basik Acai

Banyan Bowl – The addition of peanut butter and cashew milk to the acai blend complements well with the bananas. Almonds, hemp seed, honey,bee pollen, and granola round out the other toppings.  If Elvis had this as an option he probably wouldn’t have died while taking a shit.Basik Acai

The Drifter – Real cacao nibs, almonds, and bananas is reminiscent of the delectable frozen chocolate bananas. Of course there are also the strawberries that add some tartness.  Drizzled with Hawaiian honey it is irresistible.  Cashew milk is blended with acai sorbet.Basik Acai

The Brazilian  – Simple but tasty. This is their original acai bowl with bananas, granola, and honey.Basik Acai

The Waterman – This is probably the closest to a pina colada you will get in the morning.  Pineapple, blueberries, honey, cashews, and coconut shavings give almost a tropical drink feel. The acai blend has cashew milk and maca root.Basik Acai

The Islander – Strawberry-banana lovers will lean towards this bowl.  It also has goji berries , honey, and coconut shavings to give a little more depth to the flavors.  Acai blend has house-made hemp milk.Basik Acai

The Puna – Strawberries, bananas, and blueberries compose the fruit portion.  Even though I list this last, it is still very good.  The addition of spirulina gives it a very “green” taste.  Those who have had it before will know what I mean by that.  Spirulina is a cyanobacteria that is kelp like in flavor and considered one of the best sources of natural vitamins.  It is also has the highest amount of protein available in a non-animal food source, containing all essential amino acids. Hemp seed and granola add an additional crunchiness. Honey is used to sweeten and mediate some of the tartness.  Hemp milk is used in the acai blend.Basik Acai

Even though there are other items such as smoothies served here at Basik, I just could not tear myself away from the bowls.

Small bowls = around $8, Large bowls = around $11.


Basik Acai on Urbanspoon

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